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Established in 2018, Unick Industries is engaged in manufacturing, wholesale trading and retailing of Non Woven Bag Making Machine, Non Woven Bag Printing Machine, Paper Bag Making Machine and many more..

All these products are quality assured by the expertise to ensure longer life. We fellows work diligent in unity, pursue unceasing transcendence during machine quality testing, aim to provide all of our clients with exquisite and trustworthy equipment.

Our products are automatic non-woven bag making machine , non-woven fabric printing machine , non-woven cross cutting machine , non-woven slitting machine and non-woven bag handle sealing machine, paper bag making machine, flexo printing machine as well as all the relatable accessories etc.

Our machines suitable for non-woven fabric and laminated non-woven fabric, it is a specific equipment for making box bag, handle bags, flat bag, D-cut bag, bottom/side gusset bag, T-shirt bag and drawstring bag etc. which can replace the traditional handle-sealing, reduce labor and manufacturing cost, vast apply to the packing of costume, shoes, win, gift etc. Machine features stable production, strong and decent sealing of bags, good looking, top grade, fancy and reusable.  

Products Listing

Manual non woven bag making machine

Non woven bag and Paper Bag making machine is key to producing dependable, quality, and long-lasting bags. This is crucial situation where consumers are more aware and choosy about quality products with a way of packaging, policing and attractiveness.

Non-woven type of bags are made by spinning and bonding a fabric known as polypropylene(PP). Unlike the normal woven bags, the fiber’s are bonded together mechanically and thermally. apart from this paper Bags are fully recyclable and pollution free. For this several machines in the market that produce this types of bags. However, in order to guarantee your customers of reliability, user-friendliness with cost effective, it is paramount to invest in the the best non woven/paper machine in the market.